Corporate Profile


Established in 1998, China General Technology (Group) Holding Co Ltd, commonly known as Genertec, is a centrally administered State-owned enterprise, which is directed by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC). It was approved by the government as a pilot enterprise of State-owned capital investment in December 2018. It owns 4 listed companies - Genertec Shenyang Machine Tool Co Ltd, Genertec Universal Medical Group Co Ltd, China Meheco Group Co Ltd, and Chinatesta Textile Testing & Certification Services.

Over the years, Genertec has been focusing on three pillar businesses - advanced manufacturing and technical services, medical and healthcare, trade and engineering services as it mobilizes a strong push for innovation-driven high-quality business development under the optimal organizational structure.

Genertec had won the A-level in the performance evaluation of central SOEs for 12 consecutive years (2009-2020), and made the Fortune Global 500 list seven times since 2014. 

In the field of advanced manufacturing and technical services, Genertec has taken an active role in serving the national strategy for upgrading the country's manufacturing sector and positioned the development of high-end CNC machine tools as its core business. Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, the group has produced dozens of national firsts in the field of machine tools, and about 20 workers have been honored as role model of the nation, a testament to the group's dedication and commitment as exemplified by Ma Hengchang Team.

At present, Genertec owns one machine tool engineering research institute and seven machine tool production and manufacturing companies, and has established a machine tool equipment corporation in collaboration with the Tianjing municipal government. It has also led the establishment of a strategic alliance for technological innovation in the numerically-controlled machine tool industry, and built an innovation and R&D center for equipment digitalization.

The group has grown into an industrial leader that boasts the broadest product line, the widest service areas, and the strongest technical capabilities. It is also the biggest provider of high-end core equipment for key industries and areas. It has been vigorously promoting the industrialization of new solvent-based cellulose fiber, making China the second country in the world to master the technology in the industrialization of green cellulose fiber.

In the field of medical and healthcare industry, the group has strongly championed the Healthy China 2030 strategy. Genertec has 92 commercial medical branches in 30 provinces and municipalities, ranking second on the 2022 top-100 list of the pharmaceutical distribution industry, and owns 371 medical institutions with a total of over 51,000 beds. It has been developed into a centrally-administered medical group that leads in the number of beds with a complete network coverage and a comprehensive industrial chain, playing a critical role in ensuring health safety of important industries and areas, pandemic control and disaster relief, as well as the supply of drugs and medical apparatus and instruments. It is committed to building a robust presence across the healthcare ecosystem that relies on medical service and covers a complete service chain, including pharmaceutical supply chain, health management, health elderly care, rehabilitation care, financial service and other fields. 

The group earnestly implements the national strategy to address population aging and actively develops the elderly-care model that combines medical treatment and endowment care. The group had established 125 medical institutions providing services including health checkups and health management in 25 provinces in China. Currently, Genertec provides about 6,000 beds for elderly care services in 40 facilities of various types in 16 provinces and cities across the country. The group has actively participated in reforms of medical and health care training institutions and sanatoriums affiliated to government institutions, SOEs, and public institutions, transforming them into inclusive elderly care service providers. It has taken over 54 such institutions across the country, adding nearly 10,000 reserve beds for elderly care services.  

In the field of trade and engineering services, Genertec is the main channel and a major force for the imports of advanced technology and key equipment in China. Its introduction of 156 advanced technologies and full equipment in the early years of the People's Republic of China laid a solid foundation for the country to develop manufacturing business. 

Over the past 70 years, it has imported and introduced more than $340 billion of state-of-the-art technologies and complete sets of equipment for various industries, making a significant contribution to the nation's progress toward industrialization and the localization of major technical equipment.

Genertec’s vigorous participation in the tangible growth of the Belt and Road Initiative has also driven and promoted Chinese standards, technologies and equipment to many parts of the world. It was ranked 125th on ENR's list of the Top 250 International Contractors 2023. The group has won a total of 87 national-level awards in the construction industry, including the China Construction Engineering Luban Prize and the National Quality Engineering Awards, in recognition of its rich history and track record of performance in participation of significantly important construction projects across China.

As a comprehensive service provider for the supply chain of mobile communication terminal products, Genertec is also a leader in the field of terminal product distribution of mobile communication for many years.

Moving forward, Genertec will continuously pursue its mission to create a better life with good technology and quality service, while living its core values of Integrity, Inclusiveness, Innovation, Solid Execution, Excellence, and Win-win. Genertec is committed to becoming a world-class enterprise with global competitiveness.