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Genertec delivers donated medical supplies to Uzbekistan


In June 2023, Uzbekistan's Ministry of Health received first batch of 69 respirators donated by Genertec Meheco in the presence of representatives of both sides. According to the donation agreement signed before, Genertec Meheco will donate 150 respirators in total to Uzbekistan's Ministry of Health to improve local healthcare services.

Upon the arrival of the respirators, Uzbekistan's Ministry of Health expressed gratitude to China and Chinese enterprises for long-term support and assistance for Uzbekistan, and lauded Chinese medical experts as close partners of Uzbek doctors during interviews with mainstream Uzbek media outlets.

In recent years, Genertec has made continuous efforts to cultivate the Central Asian market, constantly strengthening cooperation with relevant parties in such fields as international trade, engineering services, and medical and healthcare. Genertec will work with partners in Uzbekistan to explore long-term cooperation in the public health sector, so as to make greater contributions to promoting the well-being of the Uzbek people.


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