Pharmaceutical and medical equipment


Genertec has preliminarily built an industrial structure which incorporates trade, industry, technology and service, and is driven by international trade and supported by pharmaceutical manufacturing, with pharmaceutical and medical equipment business as the bond.

The industrial structure will also include a complete industrial chain of planting, processing, R&D, manufacturing, sales, logistics, foreign trade, academic promotion, and technological services.

Genertec’s pharmaceutical business sector owns a chemical raw material R&D and manufacturing platform and a characteristic chemical and modern traditional Chinese medicine R&D and manufacturing platform, boasting a complete product layout.

Its pharmaceutical and medical equipment business has a marketing network that covers the entire country and integrates delivery, promotion and distribution. Besides, Genertec has about 100 commercial medical branches in 30 provinces and municipalities in China.

Genertec’s foreign trade of pharmaceuticals has always maintained a leading position in the industry, with a sales network covering markets in major emerging and developed countries of the world. In terms of the trade of natural medicine, the complete industrial chain involving farming, storage, processing and sales also sees robust growth.

Business map